The right circuit breaker for any installation conditions

The new series of molded case circuit breakers can be equipped with additional components so that they can be installed as fully functional switches in any location, a feature of the product which affords maximum flexibility to system planners.

The following components can be installed to suit the installation location:

When the 3VA molded case circuit breaker is in the OFF position, it reliably disconnects all current paths of the circuit in accordance with IEC 60947-2 and IEC 60204-1 (VDE 0113). In the event of overvoltage between input and output, the reduced clearances prevent leakage currents at the surface and ensure that the dielectric strength is not degraded.

The main switch functionality is not diminished by installation of the following accessories:

Optional installation variants

3VA molded case circuit breakers are available in the following installation variants:

  • Fixed mounted ①

  • Plug-in technology ②

  • Draw-out technology ③

All variants offer the full range of functions, e.g. they can be equipped with every kind of accessory. In addition, the last two variants are designed to allow speedy molded case circuit breaker replacement for maintenance purposes or visual indication of the electrical isolation in the main circuit.

Indication of switching positions in the draw-out unit

The picture below illustrates the colors used to indicate the switching position in the draw-out unit:


The switching position is indicated in a window of the draw-out unit and is clearly color-coded, enabling immediate identification of the current switching position of the molded case circuit breaker.

The draw-out unit has three switching positions:


    The molded case circuit breaker is connected to the main circuit.

  • TEST:

    In the TEST position, the main contacts of the molded case circuit breaker are not connected to the main circuit, but only to the auxiliary circuit. It is therefore possible to check that the auxiliary circuit is functioning properly when the main circuit is open.


    The molded case circuit breaker is not connected to the main circuit nor to the auxiliary circuit.


    The molded case circuit breaker is not in any of the positions defined above and can be moved by means of the crank handle.

Motor operator for remote control

3VA molded case circuit breakers can also be controlled remotely. Whether the circuit breaker is controlled from "just" the other side of the closed cubicle door, or the breaker is switched on via a control room, operator panel, etc., is irrelevant.

Motor operators are available as accessories for remote control of the circuit breakers.