Ergonomic design of circuit breakers, handles and control elements

Ergonomic handle


With its wide surface area, the ergonomic handle is designed to assist manual operation of the circuit breaker. The white strip around the edge of the handle makes it easy to identify in conditions of poor visibility. The additional rated operational current information stamped on the white strip also significantly eases identification of the circuit breaker when it is one of many breakers in a large switchboard installation.

Clear status indication


The possible switching positions of manual rotary operators are listed below:

  • ON - red marking

  • TRIP - yellow marking

  • OFF - green marking

The handle clearly engages in one of these positions depending on the status of the molded case circuit breaker. The switching positions are color-coded so that you can identify the status of the circuit breaker at a glance.

Active illumination

You can retrofit an active illumination kit to manual rotary operators. The illuminated indicator in the rotary handle signals the relevant switching position in the colors red, yellow and green. This provides clear visualization of the switching position on-site in conditions of poor visibility.

Color-coded control elements

The control elements on the thermal-magnetic and electronic trip units are color-coded.


The color of each control element indicates that it performs a specific function, helping you to make the required settings quickly.