Connection technology

A large selection of connection systems is available for the new series of 3VA molded case circuit breakers.

The supported cable cross-sections are based on the size of the molded case circuit breaker and the cable terminals used. The terminals are fitted either internally or externally to the molded case circuit breaker.

The connection technology is easy to integrate in the new series of 3VA molded case circuit breakers.

With it you can implement various front and rear main conductor connections for the molded case circuit breakers in all types of installation (fixed-mounted, plug-in and draw-out).

Cables and busbars

The new series of 3VA molded case circuit breakers are designed for connection to a variety of different cables and busbars:

  • Different cable types, e.g.

    • ① Circular conductor

    • ② Sector-shaped conductor

    • ③ Stranded

    • ④ Finely stranded

  • ⑤ Busbars

    • Rigid

    • Laminated or flexible

  • ⑥ Laminated copper bar

  • Different materials

    • Copper cables

    • Aluminum cables

Box terminal

Front connection bars extended

Circular conductor terminal

Front connection bars broadened

Circular conductor terminal, large

Rear terminal flat

Lug terminal

Rear connecting stud

Lug terminal, right-angled

Circular conductor terminal for 2 cables

Front connection bars edgewise

Circular conductor terminal for 6 cables