Circuit breaker identification

Each 3VA molded case circuit breaker can be clearly identified from various labels and plates attached to the unit.

Circuit breaker labeling

Each 3VA molded case circuit breaker has labels displaying all the important technical information, enabling unique identification:

Front panel: Labeling

The following information is displayed on the front panel of the circuit breaker:

Knowledge Manager

A QR code is attached in a clearly visible location to every 3VA molded case circuit breaker. This code can be scanned with a smartphone or a tablet PC. For the full range of QR code functions, use the "Industry Support" app supplied free of charge by Siemens.

It allows you to directly view or download all relevant product information.


The key electrical data label on the molded case circuit breaker displays the following information:

Connection information label

The connection information label displays the following information:

Label insert

The label insert can be found in the right-hand accessories compartment. When an accessory (e.g. motor operator or manual operator) is installed on the circuit breaker, this label can be attached to the accessory.

The label insert displays the following information:

  • Information about the molded case circuit breaker

  • Article number

  • Key electrical data

Internal accessories label

You can make a note of the number of installed accessories on the internal accessories label. This will enable you to ascertain which accessories are installed without removing the lid of the accessories compartment and to use the information, for example, to reorder components.

Connection information label

Key electrical data

ETU connection designations

Internal accessories label

Label insert (in accessories compartment)


Circuit breaker designation

Product version


Article number

Rated operational current

Trip unit type

Knowledge Manager (see below)

Size and breaking capacity class

Rated operational current

Key electrical data

Date of manufacture


IEC breaking capacity values at various voltages

Insulation data

Frequency, utilization category

Supported standards


Information about cable connections

Article number for operating instructions

Code for production

Article number