General overview

3VA molded case circuit breakers employ connection technology which is designed to support uncomplicated and convenient commissioning of the breakers in such a way that all installation requirements are fulfilled.

To meet this objective, an extensive portfolio of connection components is available.

Furthermore, the connection accessories (see chapter Further connection accessories) can be optionally installed to insulate the termination area of the 3VA molded case circuit breaker and so provide protection against accidental contact. An auxiliary conductor terminal can be implemented quickly using accessory components which are available by special order.

The table below lists all the main conductor connection systems available for 3VA molded case circuit breakers and also indicates which type of cables or busbars are compatible which each connection system. A basic distinction is made between front and rear connections.
The illustration in the table shows the 3-piece pack for the 3-pole molded case circuit breaker. All connection systems are also available in 4-piece packs for 4-pole molded case circuit breakers.

The entire portfolio of connection systems for 3VA molded case circuit breakers can be deployed in unmodified form for the following applications:

The connection components described above are identical for fixed-mounted breakers, for plug-in and for draw-out versions.

Connection technology available from or installed at the factory

All 3VA molded case circuit breakers are available as standard with a lug terminal (clip-in nut and clamping screw) at the infeed and load ends.

For units up to size 160 A, a box terminal for direct cable connection can be optionally selected instead of the lug terminal. The box terminal is preassembled and installed at the factory.


Box terminal

Front connection bars edgewise

Circular conductor terminal with auxiliary conductor terminal

Front connection bars broadened

Circular conductor terminal

Front connection bars extended

Circular conductor terminal, large, with auxiliary conductor terminal

Lug terminal

Circular conductor terminal, large

Lug terminal, right-angled

Circular conductor terminal, 2 cables, with auxiliary conductor terminal

Rear connecting stud

Circular conductor terminal, 2 cables

Rear terminal flat

Circular conductor terminal, 6 cables


Terminal cover

Insulating plate, broadened

Terminal cover, extended

Phase barriers

Terminal cover, broadened

Auxiliary conductor terminal for busbars

Insulating plate

Auxiliary conductor terminal for box terminal



A box terminal can be installed at the lug terminal to allow a cable to be connected directly.