General information

With plug-in and draw-out circuit breakers, the cables or busbars are connected to the plug-in socket or the draw-out socket. The same socket unit is used for the same sizes of both variants.


The incoming and outgoing feeder ends of the socket unit termination area is designed to match the relevant 3VA molded case circuit breaker. The major benefit of this design feature is that all terminal and connection variants of the 3VA molded case circuit breaker are fully compatible with the corresponding plug-in or draw-out unit. To facilitate the ordering process, the components used in combination with plug-in and draw-out units have been given separate article numbers. Furthermore, an optional terminal cover for the molded case circuit breaker can also be installed as a terminal cover over the plug-in socket or draw-out socket.

The connection systems available for a 3VA rated current version and the sizes of cable or busbar cross section which are compatible with various connection types are described in detail in chapter Connection system.