Combination with other accessories

Information about combination with other accessories

  • The communications interface for the draw-out unit and the switches for signaling the position of the molded case circuit breaker in the draw-out unit are mutually compatible. For further information, please refer to the following chapters:
    Position signaling switches

    Communications interface for draw-out unit

  • The switches for signaling whether or not the molded case circuit breaker is locked have no influence on other accessories described in chapter Position signaling switches


    No transfer of "locked / not locked" signals

    The information "locked / not locked" cannot be transferred via the COM060 communication module.

  • A molded case circuit breaker which requires a communications interface to transfer signals must be equipped with a COM060 communication module.

  • When internal accessories are integrated in a molded case circuit breaker, auxiliary circuit connectors and cable cages for plug-in and draw-out technology must also be installed.

  • Door feedthroughs are required only if the molded case circuit breaker needs to be operated when the cubicle door is closed. The door feedthrough is compatible with position signaling switches, communications interface and auxiliary circuit connectors with cable cages.

  • The terminal cover for plug-in technology can be installed in combination with any other internal accessories. It does not have any effect on other accessories.

  • A variable depth adapter (see section Variable depth adapter) can be used in conjunction with the door mounted rotary operator in order to compensate the racking distance and so allow the molded case circuit breaker to be moved out when the cubicle door is closed.