Locking and interlocking by the rotary operator

The following manual operators can be locked and interlocked by the rotary operator:

The manual operators can be locked by up to three padlocks with a shackle diameter of between 5 and 8 mm or by means of cylinder locks (type Ronis). Manual operators can be interlocked only by means of cylinder locks (type Ronis).

In addition, door mounted rotary operators and side wall mounted rotary operators can also be locked or interlocked by additional cylinder locks (type Kaba) at the masking frame in the cubicle door or side panel.

Padlocks and cylinder locks are not included in the scope of supply of manual rotary operators.

Locking with padlocks

All rotary operators are equipped with a padlock locking unit. This locking unit is simply pulled out of the rotary operator.

Example of rotary operator with shaft stub:


Lockable switching positions:

  • Position OFF (O)

Locking or interlocking using a cylinder lock (type Ronis)

Rotary operators can be locked or interlocked (depending on how the lock holder is installed) by means of the cylinder lock (type Ronis).
Example of a front mounted rotary operator and a rotary operator with shaft stub:


Locking with cylinder lock (type Ronis):

The cylinder lock (type Ronis) locks the rotary operators in the OFF (O) position.

Mutual interlocking with cylinder lock (type Ronis):

By using the cylinder lock insert for interlocking, it is possible to establish a mutual interlock between an unlimited number of rotary operators. This requires that the keys of all molded case circuit breakers locked in the open position are removed from the lock and stored in a safe place. Only the key of the rotary operator which is in the ON (I) position is left in the cylinder lock. This key cannot be removed while the rotary operator is in the ON (I) position. The key can be removed only after the rotary operator has been turned to the OFF (0) position, the cylinder lock turned to the "locked" position so that the molded case circuit breaker is interlocked. See also chapter Cylinder locks for implementing interlocks between multiple 3VA molded case circuit breakers.

Locking with cylinder lock (Kaba)

The door mounted rotary operator and the side wall mounted rotary operator can be locked by means of a cylinder lock (type Kaba) fitted in the cubicle door or side panel.

The cylinder lock (type Kaba) is not included in the scope of supply.