Commissioning and testing of electronic trip units using powerconfig


powerconfig performs the following functions for 3VA molded case circuit breakers:

The PC on which powerconfig is installed is connected to the 3VA molded case circuit breaker by means of the COM800 / COM100 breaker data server (optionally with modules) or the TD500 test device.

The TD500 test device is required in order to perform function tests.

3VA molded case circuit breakers and, in some cases, other devices supported by powerconfig are combined in powerconfig to form a project if they are technically, organizationally, or otherwise related.

Electronic trip units (ETU), the EFB300 external function box and the communication structure can be commissioned easily by means of the powerconfig software. On completion of the commissioning process, the ETU settings can be stored as a project on the PC and printed out.

powerconfig can also be used to perform ETU trip tests. A test report is generated automatically and stored in the project every time a test is carried out.

powerconfig supports a variety of different device communication interfaces depending on the SENTRON device used:

The possible means of connection of the COM800 / COM100 breaker data server are described in detail in the 3VA Communication system manual (see Reference documents).

With 3VA2 molded case circuit breakers and ETUs 3‑series, the powerconfig software application is linked to the ETU interface via the USB interface on the PC and the interface on the TD500 test device.