The TD500 test device

The TD500 mobile test device can be used to test the different causes of ETU trips. It is therefore useful for checking the proper functioning and correct wiring of all connected system components before the 3VA2 molded case circuit breaker is commissioned. The system behaves as it would in the case of a real trip event. The molded case circuit breaker trips when the set delay times expire and signals all alarms and tripped signals from connected components.

Benefits of the TD500 test device

Description of the TD500

LED display

Interfaces of the TD500 test device

The diagram below shows the physical interfaces of the TD500 test device.


Top of unit:

Connection to 3VA2 molded case circuit breaker

Bottom of unit on right:

24 V DC supply

Bottom of unit on left:

Connection to PC

Compatibility with molded case circuit breakers

The TD500 test device can be connected to all 3VA2 molded case circuit breakers equipped with ETU 3-series, 5-series and 8-series. The connecting cable from the test device is inserted in the test socket of the ETU.

Data stored in the TD500

The following data are stored in the TD500:


Readout of data and clearing of the internal memory of the TD500

Using a PC and the powerconfig software, you can read these data out of the TD500 and clear its internal memory.

Test functions of the TD500

The relevant pushbutton must be pressed in order to start a specific test. The molded case circuit breaker is tripped electronically when the pushbutton is actuated. This is essential to allow effectual testing of the electronic and mechanical control elements of the circuit breaker.

Plug-in connector for insertion in the test socket on the ETU

TD500-to-ETU connecting cable

TD500 test device

Power supply unit


Connecting cable for ETU

Pushbutton for transformer test

LED "LOG" (available memory status)

Pushbutton for instantaneous short-circuit trip test I


Pushbutton for short-time delayed short-circuit test S

Pushbutton for neutral trip test N

Pushbutton for overload trip test L

Pushbutton for ground fault trip test G

Pushbutton for ETU Power ON/OFF

Pushbutton for meter test (current measurement display)

LED "ACT" (status)

PC connection

LED "COM" (communication status)

Mains cable connection