Product description

Escutcheons are available for the following items of equipment from the 3VA product range:



  1. Cut out an opening in the cover plate.
    Refer to the operating instructions for the correct cutout dimensions.

  2. Insert the escutcheon into the cutout from the front and fasten by means of small spring steel sheets at the rear of the cover plate.

The fastening system is designed such that the the escutcheon can move in the cutout. In other words, the escutcheon is "float-mounted". Tolerance compensation by around ± 3 mm is thus afforded in the horizontal direction and by as much as ± 6 mm in the vertical direction. This tolerance compensation is necessary in order to achieve the small gap dimensions of max. ± 0.5 mm between the escutcheon and the unit on the one hand and, on the other, to compensate tolerances in the cubicle, for example, which are always intrinsic to the cubicle design.

Typical tolerance compensation examples are:


To ensure that the control cabinet door can still be opened, a front-mounted accessory component must not project over the escutcheon by more than 5 mm when the door is closed.

Molded case circuit breaker

Motor operator


Cubicle door (closed)

Cubicle door (open)

Tolerance compensator