Description of application and basic function

The DIN rail adapter is used to mount molded case circuit breakers on 35 mm DIN rails of meter or distribution cubicles, for example. DIN rail adapters are available exclusively for 3VA1 molded case circuit breakers in sizes 100 A and 160 A since, on the one hand, DIN rails are not designed to support heavy weights and, on the other, only molded case circuit breakers with thermal-magnetic trip units and rated operational currents up to maximum 160 A are normally installed in distribution boards.

The DIN rail adapters are snapped onto the rear panel of the molded case circuit breaker or fastened by screws. With an adapter installed, the circuit breaker is simple to attach to a DIN rail. This is done by placing the circuit breaker with attached DIN rail adapter from above onto the DIN rail and then pressing the bottom half of the circuit breaker lightly against the rail until the adapter engages.

Overview of variants and products